Rivendell ReCreation Center

Rivendell ReCreation Center

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by Trish Dudek


Trish Dudek loves horses, books, and Native American history. This combination led her to write after she
retired from teaching. She has published several children’s stories. On their farm, in her husband’s memory, Trish continues to operate Rivendell ReCreation Center, a not-for-profit therapeutic riding facility for children and adults in South Wales, New York. A portion of book sales will be donated to Rivendell.

- Walk in another time and another place -
- Feel the emotions of honor driven lovers -
- Tame the legendary Thunder Horse -
- Absorb Native American Spirituality -

Margaret is not a conventional woman of the early-nineteenth century. She’s not interested in pretty dresses and tea parties, but instead longs for adventure in the great outdoors. Margaret convinces
her father, William, to seek opportunity in the fur trade business.

They embark on a journey that follows the Louis and Clark route along the Missouri River into Blackfoot country to trade for beaver skins. As she gains freedom from the social structures that bind her in the East, she doesn’t anticipate the changes this new life brings. The travelers face an array of challenges from the weather, wild animals, and the native Indian tribes.

Margaret thrives in this wild country, where she catches sight of Taima, the Thunder Horse, who refuses to be caught. Together with Night Hawk, a warrior in the Black Horse Band of the Kainah
Blackfoot, they both seek to capture this beautiful, wild horse. Night Hawk believes the elusive Taima will fulfill his dreams. He doesn’t expect his plans—or his life—to be complicated by a Long Knife woman with similar dreams.

Margaret, Night Hawk, and Taima gain honor and strength from each other—a strength that is shared with the Black Horse Band providing a link to the future that could have been.

Margaret took a deep breath. She watched out of the corner of her eye as the herd crested a small hill near the trees where she was to meet John. The buffalo had slowed to a trot. As she watched them move out of sight over the far rise, her excitement returned; the last of the herd moved at a walk. If she approached slowly and cautiously, she might still stand a chance of shooting the white buffalo and getting the precious white hide! She turned back; the wolves were a short distance away, still staring at her.

She knew to drive the wolves away she’d have to kill a wolf with a single shot—a very precise shot, since the wolves were impossible to see when they dropped into the tall grass. She started down the hill, watching the wolves closely as they began to follow. A large black wolf moved out to the front of the pack; one by one, the other wolves took up their places in line. As the leader, the black was obeyed without hesitation. She must hit him; the rest would mill around confused and make no effort to continue to follow her.

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