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 March 14, 2018  

Good afternoon to all you special people - Rivendell riders, families, volunteers, and friends!

I am very late this year in getting this letter out to you. Sorry. The major snowstorms wiped out all my energy ... and we are in another one. Hope you are all well, and ready to join us this year.

The schedule (so far) for the year is:

RIDING SCHEDULE: Session 1 May 1 - May 26
Session 2 June 4 - June 30
Session 3 July 9- Aug 4
Session 4 Sept 3 - Sept 29 No Labor Day

There will be no training day this year ... we are only inviting experienced volunteers back. If you want to help with spring clean up (and there is a lot to clean up), please join us on April 28 at 11 am to help. The snow plows and storms have left a small disaster. And bring your own drinks. We'll grill something!
What ideas do you have for events and/or fundraising activities to this year's schedule?? We have lost several small grants this year and need your help.

We are in need of several men (or women) who know how to build/rebuild. Most of the junk has been cleaned up and sent to salvage, but there are barn doors and fencing that need repairs. I can't do the walking anymore.

Families and riders - Please call me on the land line (457-3365) to register. Fees are the same as last year. The fee for each session is due on your first ride. If you are having any financial difficulties, please don't hesitate to ask me about our scholarship program. Please call me, or leave a message, before April 20th. I do need time to arrange for the appropriate number of volunteers for the classes. (Laugh if you wish -I don't do anything as fast as I used to ... getting old I guess).

Do you realize that Rivendell is 34 years old this year? None of the original horses are with
us ... except in spirit. But there are some volunteers who have been here from, or almost from, the beginning. We have riders who have been with us for many of these years. Guess we have been doing something right.

There are a few openings for new riders. So please put out the word to families you know with a special needs child or adult...and remember that includes disabled vets. We owe those men and women so much, and if riding as well as the love and laughter from all of us helps even just a little bit to ease their lives, then we are thanking them for their service in the best way possible. Rivendell is here to serve.

Looking forward to spring, (and less snow), and seeing all of you.

Much Love. Trish




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